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Sorry for leaving you guys hanging last night. I just got so tired. I ended up going straight to bed and slept a solid seven hours. And that never happens. I had a weird dream this morning. And that always happens.

But back to the yoga festival.

So I go to this studio at home that is part of a small national chain. It’s a form of hot yoga that combines elements of bikram and vanyasa. I just love it. Most of the classes are a slight variation (to accommodate different time lengths) of the same poses and flows. Everything is done at 105 degrees and there is a combination of lights up and lights down and music and silence. After a few times you catch on to the sequences and the whole thing becomes very meditative. And when I know what is up ahead I can pace myself accordingly. They also do a really great job of moving around between the different muscle groups worked so you can give it everything you’ve got knowing that your arms or legs or back or whatever you’re working is going to get a rest in the next section. And the heat is incredible. My flexibility has improved tremendously and I’m sure it is because of the warm room keeping my tissues relaxed. And the heat also adds to the cardio workout. I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to try something new. I was a (slow) runner for years and knew I needed something that could age with me. Running wasn’t going to be that thing – my knees and hips were very clear about that. But yoga – this could be it.

Which leads me to my upcoming adventure. The founder of these studios brings together a bunch of big name yogis from around the country every year for a four-day festival. The temperature in Phoenix is forecasted to be right around 100 each day so I guess the heat part is taken care of. But I’m not sure he is teaching any yoga classes so I really have no idea what those will be like. And I have to admit I’m a little intimidated already. I know a handful of people from my studio who are attending and they are all instructors and much more advanced than me. But that is okay. I’m not proud. Haha, yes I am. I will do my best but my ego can handle this. After all, I will probably be twenty years older than everyone else there.

However, the festival will be about so much more than yoga. I took a look at the schedule and there are classes on meditation, healing, balanced living, even cooking. These are all things I’m mildly interested in but probably not going to go too crazy about. It will be fun to immerse myself in it for a few days to find out more. And be surrounded by people who share a certain approach to life. One that is mindful and gentle. I’m really excited to see what the weekend brings.