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So have you ever been? It is quite the experience. I joined several of my contemporaries from across the midwest for an entertaining evening. The weather was beautiful. Perhaps a little muggy and warm but really not too bad whenever the light breeze kicked up. If you know anything about Top Golf you know that you hit balls from two or three levels. We were up pretty dang high and the breeze was wonderful. It also helps my ego because I could trick myself to thinking I could hit that kind of insane distance. I included a picture of my friend Suzie so you can get an idea of what it is like. They have lots of games you can play. I’m not sure exactly how it works but you are automatically scored as you go. You enter all the players names into the kiosk and select the name of the player currently hitting. For the game we played, everyone got twenty balls. You wave a club over a motion detector and it spits out the ball. You hit it and if it goes into one of the netted areas below you get points. The netted areas are divided into sections. The closer areas are worth fewer points than the farther ones. And you get more points the closer you get to the pin. We also found out that if you hit the net in the far off distance you get an insane number of points. My other friend just tried to hit it as far as he could to see if he could hit the fence. (He’s an insanely good golfer). He did! And low and behold, he got 75 points or something. Which is incredible because I think I got about 100 points for my entire twenty balls. The balls must each be chipped. The computer did a pretty good job but it did make occasional mistakes. I was robbed of my points on three or four occasions. But whatever. Now my friend Suzie is much more competitive and she had that happen and had a fit. That girl wanted every single point she earned. It’s set up a little like bowling where you sit around and watch each other take turns. Then they have a wait staff that comes around and takes drink and food orders. Not a bad night!!

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suzie mid swing