Phoenix happened. Was it life changing?

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Hahaha! I went for a nice weekend of yoga and sun, and came back with a very expensive male and perhaps a teacher. I told some friends that this yoga festival had an opening ceremony. Ceremony? What have I gotten myself into? I knew there would be classes on mediation and healing, but I didn’t fully understand the strong connection between yoga and these other strange and foreign concepts. For me, yoga has always been a physical exercise. I started to realize it could be something more for me when I joined this studio looking for escape from my life and the turmoil I had recently been experiencing. I knew that when I was on my mat I could shut out the problems. It’s not really a matter of turning off my mind, but my mind became settled. I could focus on the sensations of my body and concentrate on the work at hand. I would tell friends that it is impossible to worry about your problems when you are trying to balance on one leg with the other one up in the air at some odd angle. So I guess, yes, I had a sense that there was a psychological component to my practice but I had, and still have, a very superficial understanding of it.

So I get to the opening night and they have about a hundred of us, maybe more, gathered on a beautiful lawn at this amazing resort. The weather was perfect. Do you know how some days you can let your mind think that the breeze blowing over your skin is water? It was that kind of temperature. I felt light and powerful and miles away from my problems and I saw beauty and acceptance and love all around me. Then a teacher started to lead us through a meditation practice. Now I’ve tried meditation at a couple points in my life but never with any sort of success or long term commitment. But this guy was different. He didn’t just lead us through the chants – he taught us. And I was enthralled. He had a couple of murtis, which are statues of yoga gods and goddesses from the buddhist and hindu traditions. Up until this point, all I knew what buddha and I didn’t even have a good understanding of his meaning or symbolism. I still don’t, but I’m learning! Anyway, I was completely enthralled by the mythology and the rich symbolism in the statues. Each of these gods and goddesses represents not a god to be worshipped in the traditional way I was raised, but their mythology is built around qualities we each have within ourselves and within our collective conscious. Does that even make sense? I still don’t understand even a fraction but I need to know more. Humans for ages have longed to know more about ourselves and there is much to be learned from those who have gone before us and studied and learned.

I had had a phone call earlier in the day that left me confused and unsettled. I have been doing work for a guy with a garage door service olathe company and he’s been so difficult to deal with. I’m really struggling to find a way to see everyone in their full humanity. To see us all connected. To see him as another being and we are part of the same collective consciousness. I can be a better person, and even a better business person, when I can tap in to that kind of energy. And as I was sitting on my mat listening to this teacher, I knew I had to learn more. There is so much to learn about ourselves and find ways to improve. So I went to this guys class for the next three days. And, get this, I signed up to go to his ashram in San Diego next January. I’m a little freaked out that I’ve taken it this far because normally I’m pretty traditional and definitely a skeptic. But I will keep you all up to date. He sent us a bunch of information to read before the retreat and I will probably share some of what I learn here.

Thanks for reading!